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Cena: 6 - 30zł

Miasto: Kraków
Data: codziennie
Pora/godzina: od 15:00 do 03:05
Ilość osób: dowolna
Opis propozycji:

Fantastic place full of charm in the alleys of Cracow's Jewish.
Enchants lavishness of antique furniture, good taste in detail. The high quality of service, over 150 beers from all over Europe.
The only such place in Krakow where you can drink beer produced exclusively for the pub. The name "BEER GALLERY - HONEY", "BEER GALLERY - CITRUS.
I recommend strongly.
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Kto: Jakub, Kiedy: 2010-08-09 16:06:47
I will need to disagree with the above description. The person has obviously never heard of CK Browar which is a brewpub. Plus, I noticed quite a few places advertise large amounts of beer, and I find it very difficult to believe they had 150 diffrent bottles when I was there last week. Otherwise, great place, nice change of pace from Omerta (which kind of sucks now). Strawberry beer is fantastic.
Kto: Tadek, Kiedy: 2010-09-11 20:46:17
Spoko miejsce. Nie ma tam 150 piw, ale jest sporo. Klubowa atmosfera, House graj w weekend.
Kto: tomus, Kiedy: 2011-11-22 18:47:14
w jakie dni jest tam karaoke???
Dane kontaktowe:
Dariusz Piechowski
Warszauera 10, 31-057 Kraków
+48 601 40 88 70


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